GetGo to bill car user with dog for 'not adhering to our pet carrier policy', cleaning fee is $300

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A GetGo user was spotted letting a dog out of a GetGo car in the Kampung Admiralty basement carpark on Feb 4.

A Stomper shared a video of the "very selfish" driver getting out of the parked Honda Vezel before opening the door for the animal in the back seat.

Describing the dog as "big-sized", the Stomper asked: "Are they allowed? The answer everyone knows.

"The car-sharing management has to do something, send the car for full-service cleaning and charge the user."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesperson for GetGo Carsharing said: "The user involved will be billed for not adhering to our pet carrier policy."

Users are allowed to transport their pets as long as they are kept in pet carriers as this minimises pet fur in the vehicles, which may cause allergic reactions, explained the spokesperson.

"Users who are caught dirtying the vehicles by transporting pets without using a pet carrier may be required to pay a $300 cleaning fee.

"We may also take more stringent measures by banning subsequent offenders from our platform."

In a similar incident, another Stomper had earlier spotted a dog in a GetGo car in a Jurong carpark on Jan 13.

She said: "As a Muslim, I don't feel comfortable with this incident."

The GetGo website also states that pets are only allowed if they are kept in locked carriers as pet fur can cause an allergic reaction for other users but added: "We do want to be considerate to the Muslim community as well."

According to the website, a cleaning fee of up to $300 (before GST) would be imposed for drivers found leaving the car with pet fur on the upholstery.

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