Owner 'escapes' after dog bites boy, 4, in unprovoked attack at Christmas Wonderland

Submitted by Stomper Cynthia

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Update on Dec 20:

AVS looking into case of dog allegedly attacking Stomper's 4-year-old son at Christmas Wonderland

Original article:

A couple is searching for the owner of a dog that attacked their four-old-son, leaving him injured and traumatised.

The incident occurred at Christmas Wonderland, held at Gardens by the Bay, on Dec 12, at around 9.45pm.

Stomper Cynthia said her son had been walking towards the snow blizzard exhibit when he was "suddenly kneeling on the floor crying hysterically."

She initially thought that her son had fallen down, until he told her that a dog had bitten him.

According to Cynthia, the small black dog had "pounced" on her son and bitten his outer left thigh.

The Stomper added: "THERE WAS NO PROVOCATION, he was innocently walking past.

"My husband immediately went to the dog owner to inform her of the attack. The owner admitted the dog attack, but retorted that the incident happened in a public place, thus they are not liable.

"My husband requested to exchange contact details, but the dog owner refused. My husband then informed that he would have to call the police, but they continued their escape."

Cynthia said the dog owner left the scene even though there were "a lot of witnesses". This was also reflected in a police report seen by Stomp.

Cynthia and her husband subsequently brought their son to KK Women's and Children's Hospital. The boy had his wound cleaned and was prescribed medicine for anti-inflammation.

The hospital bill amounted to $148, though the boy would still require further observation and follow-up visits.

Cynthia said the incident has also traumatised son, who needs to see a psychiatrist. She also revealed that her son has autism, which makes it harder to communicate with him or calm him down.

A spokesperson for Blue Sky Events, the organiser of Christmas Wonderland, told Lianhe Zaobao that event staff were not notified about the incident that night.

The spokesperson also urged pet owners to be responsible by keeping their dogs leashed in public and muzzling larger canines.

Cynthia told Stomp that her son had a hospital review on Dec 15.

He is "doing well" and the wound is not infected.

The Stomper further highlighted that she is looking for the dog owner not to seek monetary compensation, but because she is dissatisfied with the other party's irresponsible attitude.

And while her son might be recovering physically, his emotional scars remain.

Cynthia said: "He doesn't dare to walk on the ground now as he is afraid that another dog might rush out and bite him anytime."

Stomp has contacted the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) for more info.

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