Otters hunt and feast on fish at Haw Par Villa

Submitted by Stomper Brandon

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A trio of otters were seen hunting and feasting on fish at the turtle sanctuary at Haw Par Villa on Saturday (Sept 2).

Stomper Brandon shared with Stomp photos of the otters munching on fish while in the water.

"I saw a group of three otters summiting to swim and hunt in the turtle sanctuary," he said.

"I observed them for an hour and a half and witnessed them stirring up sediment while digging and eventually hunting down at least half a dozen small fish in the pond all while avoiding the turtles."

Otters are frequently sighted in many areas islandwide and are known to be playful creatures that like to swim in packs while chasing after fish.

According to NParks, this is what you should do when you encounter otters:

  • DO NOT touch, chase or corner the otters. Observe them from a distance. Going too close to the otters may frighten them.

  • DO NOT talk loudly and do not use flash photography. Noise and light may scare and provoke the otters.

  • DO NOT feed the otters. The otters have their own food in the environment and their natural eating habits keep the ecosystem healthy.

  • DO NOT litter or leave sharp objects in the water. Clean and safe waterways filled with fish and aquatic life make good habitats for the otters to frolic and feed in.

  • DO keep your dog on a tight leash. Your dog might chase the otters and frighten them, and keeping your dog on a tight leash will help to keep it safe.