Otters massacre koi that Bedok condo resident has reared for 10 years

Submitted by Stomper Gerrard

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A condominium resident had painstakingly reared his koi for at least 10 years -- only to lose all but one to an otter attack.

Stomper Gerrard said otters entered Venezio condo at 488 Upper East Coast Road in the wee hours of Friday (Aug 18), at around 5am, and ate his neighbour's koi fish.

Sharing photos of the mutilated fishes, Gerrard said: "Nine of the fishes died and only one was still breathing. My neighbour is angry and sad."

There are fears that the otters might return again as four residents at the condo – including Gerrard – have a koi pond.

Photo of Gerrard's koi pond

The Stomper added: "It's the first time this has happened. Today, the otters attacked only one pond but my neighbour feels that they will come again."

An advisory by the National Parks Boards encourages residents to identify and block off potential entry points in order to prevent otters from entering the premises and devouring their fish.