'Only downside of Malaysia is low income, only upside of Singapore is high income': Redditor

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Feb 24, 2023

Comparisons between Singapore and Malaysia arise frequently for different reasons. 

Recently, a Singaporean Reddit user took to the platform to express their view that Malaysia is not all that bad compared to Singapore. 

In the post, which was shared on Saturday (Feb 18), the user said that Singaporeans "would be desperate to leave" the country if their wages and the cost of living in Singapore were equivalent to that of Malaysia. 

The redditor added that there was nothing more to the "westernised city" apart from its efficient public transport system, cleanliness and "less corruption".

"Malaysia is a proper sized country with things to do, and the people here are surprisingly warmer and friendlier and the country actually has a culture. Singapore just feels like a hollow city compared to Malaysia."

He said: "Only downside of Malaysia is low income. Only upside of Singapore is high income.

"As a half malaysian, part of me wished I instead had malaysian citizenship and Singaporean PR. That's the best of both worlds."

Responding to comments that suggested that Malaysia is not all that different from Singapore in terms of high stress levels, the redditor said: "But shouldn't it make you question why Singapore, an efficient,clean and modern country, has all the same levels of anxiety as that of Malaysia which has obviously less of the efficiency , cleanliness or safety of Singapore?"

The user concluded the post underlining that their post was not a "hate" post against Singapore, but one that was aimed at the notion that "Singapore is just better all the time".

In a later addition to the post, the redditor stated that they were shocked many in the comments were in agreement with their views.

One user, for instance, said: "I kinda understand what you mean. I lived in SG for a few months for an internship. I enjoyed my stay, but I can see how quickly life gets monotonous."

"If I have money, I would definitely choose Malaysia. But I do not, so I choose to slave in Singapore instead," replied another. 

While many in the comments skewed towards one country being better than the other, some chose to hold balanced view. 

According to one user, Singapore and Malaysia shared a relationship that was mutually beneficial. 

"For Singapore, Malaysia is a release valve. It gives Singaporeans a place to blow off steam." 

On the other hand, the netizen said in the comment that Singapore is an "economic acclerator" for Malaysia, providing it with "incentive and capital to stay competitve". 

As a Singaporean, i really don't think Malaysia is all that bad.
by u/Ipleasewomeninbed in malaysia

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