OCBC restores bank services after morning outage: 'Luckily, I had a DBS card,' says Stomper

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OCBC Bank said that all its banking services were restored by early afternoon after an outage on Monday morning (Aug 28).

Stomper Charles said it started at around 8am.

He told Stomp just before 11am: "I was trying to pay for a clinic visit with my OCBC card. Nets, PayWave, PayNow – nothing worked. Luckily, I had a DBS card and it worked right away

"OCBC customers have been unable to use any form of payment. OCBC placed a disclaimer on its site but has otherwise failed to communicate adequately with its customers left stranded for the past three hours plus."

The bank had posted on Facebook and Twitter at 9.47am that it was "facing technical problems" with its systems.

A Redditor shared a photo of a sign at a FairPrice supermarket that said all credit and debit card as well as OCBC Nets payments were no longer available.

FYI: With OCBC being down, Fairprice cannot accept Credit Cards as payment.
by u/Snowstormzzz in singapore


Stomper Wei Sien paid for his iced coffee at a Woodlands food court using OCBC Nets payment just after 9am.

"The payment process was a bit slow," he said, but it eventually went through.

At around noon, he tried to pay for mixed rice at the same food court, but the OCBC Nets payment could not be processed at first.

But at 12.08pm, the payment finally went through.

At 12.44pm, OCBC updated its Facebook post: "We have restored all our banking services. Our customers can perform banking transactions at our branches, ATMs, Internet and mobile banking platforms, and Velocity. Card services have also been restored.

"We thank you for your patience and understanding. We want to assure you that your monies remained safe and customer data was secure throughout.

"We are investigating the cause and will provide an update as soon as we can. Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused."

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