Man forced to look for cash when he can't use PayLah! to pay for meal due to DBS outage

Submitted by Stomper Wil, Anonymous, Colin

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DBS digital services suffered an outage on Wednesday morning (March 29) and returned to normal at 5.45pm, said the bank on Facebook.

One of the services affected was the PayLah! payment app and one of the people affected was Stomper Wil.

"Paylah! app down at the wrong time – when people were trying to pay for breakfast," said the Stomper.

"I was stranded at the shop trying hard to restart the app for payment. The app just couldn’t load. A queue was forming behind me.

"I had to dig my bag for cash to pay. Imagine if I didn't bring cash out.

"The person in front of me couldn’t pay for her food also. Such a spoiler to the morning."

Stomper Anonymous also could not log in. "Access to DBS Paylah! and mobile Internet banking was down," he said.

Stomper Colin said: "I could not access PayLah! and I had to use cash for my lunch. Luckily, I had money."

DBS said in its Facebook post: "While we are working to recover digital services, we've extended banking services at all DBS/POSB branches and Treasures Centres by two hours today.

"Customers can also continue to use their DBS/POSB cards for transactions.

"Please be assured that your deposits and monies are safe and secure."