No further sightings of suspected monitor lizard, water activities at Marina Reservoir can resume: PUB

November 29, 2016

Four days after a creature "resembling a crocodile" was spotted at Marina Reservoir, the Public Utilties Board (PUB) has said today (Nov 29) that water activities in the area can resume.

According to AsiaOne, PUB said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that it "did not receive reports of further sightings of the creature", which it believes is more likely to be a monitor lizard.

"We have checked with more experts, including AVA, NUS, ACRES and Singapore Zoo, and they are of the view that the creature is most likely a monitor lizard," said PUB. 

The Singapore Dragon Boat Association, Water Sports Centre at the Singapore Sports Hub and People's Association had suspended water sport activities over the weekend after reports of the creature were received by PUB. 

PUB has informed the National Sports Associations and water sports operators to resume business as usual. 

The reservoir area, which comprises the Kallang Basin, Marina Bay and the Marina Channel, is a popular spot for water activities such as canoeing, kayaking and dragon boating. 

PUB also said that it will continue to patrol the waters to look out for the creature. 

Members of the public are advised not to approach the creature, should they spot or encounter it. They can report any sightings of the creature by calling 1800-2255-782.