Naked landlord seen entering tenant's room, using her underwear to perform sex act

Wong Shiying
The Straits Times
Jul 6, 2023

While a 23-year-old woman was at work, her landlord allegedly entered her room and masturbated using her underwear.

The Malaysian woman, who declined to reveal her identity, was horrified to see the May 17 incident play out on footage captured by the closed-circuit television camera she had installed in her room, Shin Min Daily News reported on Thursday.

She and her boyfriend had been renting a room in a flat on the third floor of Block 251 Kim Keat Link in Toa Payoh since June 2022.

The woman told Shin Min that four other people lived in the four-room flat – the married Singaporean couple who own the flat and a Malaysian couple.

The woman’s boyfriend, who also spoke to Shin Min, said they had installed a camera in their room as they had been warned about their landlord bringing people to the flat while the tenants were away.

The woman said she received a camera alert on her phone at 2.30pm on May 17 that someone had entered her room.

When she viewed the footage on her smartphone, she saw her landlord allegedly entering her room naked, going through her undergarments, and pleasuring himself.

“I was completely stunned and couldn’t stop myself from crying. I couldn’t turn off the footage as I had to record what was happening to collect evidence,” she told the Chinese daily.

She made a police report that night. The police told Shin Min that investigations are ongoing.

Photo: Shin Min Daily News

Her boyfriend said the landlord couple was not apologetic and refused to refund their monthly rent and room deposit of $1,900. The pair have since found a new place to live.

The woman said she threw out all her undergarments afterwards as she did not know which ones her landlord had touched. She also washed all her clothes.

She added she has had nightmares about the incident, and gets frightened when she sees people on the train who resemble her landlord.

She was also unable to focus and had to take leave from work multiple times but is now better after getting professional help.

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