Mum seeks help in locating precious stuffed panda toy that daughter accidentally dropped

Submitted by Stomper Poh

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Stomper Poh is appealing for help in locating a stuffed panda toy that her three-year-old daughter accidentally dropped on Monday (Jan 21).

She listed the possible places where the toy could have been lost, from 9am to 12pm that day:

  • McDonald's Balestier Shaw Plaza

  • Paragon Medical

  • Basement 1 of Paragon Shopping Centre

  • On a ComfortDelGro taxi that they boarded

Stomper Poh said: "I brought my daughter to see the doctor. She placed her toy panda in her pram and accidentally dropped it.

"This panda is black and white in colour, and the size of adult palm.

"She has had it for two years and loves it so much.

"Kindly help to return it if anyone finds it."

Poh's other daughter also created a drawing to appeal for the toy's return.

If you have any information on the toy panda, kindly contact us at or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.

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