More than 'dumb blondes': Here's a side to DJ and MC duo The Leng Sisters that you don't know about

Malaysian personalities Leng Yein and Leng Sean are often mistaken for "bitches" or "dumb blondes" -- but are perfectly happy to let you think that way.

The dynamic duo was here in Singapore at Wave House Sentosa last Saturday (Aug 5) to perform as a DJ and MC at The ONE Star Search and Music Festival.

Stomp spoke to The Leng Sisters in an interview before the event and was privy to a side of them that the public tends to overlook.

To the average person, the high-profile siblings might seem to be leading the perfect jet-setting lifestyle.

Leng Yein, Asia's #1 female DJ for four years running, said, "[We] get paid to have fun. Free travel, free food, free hotel accommodation, free 'leng zai' ('handsome guy') and 'leng lui' ('pretty girl'), free everything.

"Actually, even our menstrual pads are sponsored. So really from head to toe, it's all free."

But fame comes at a price.

For instance, the pair are often the target of gossip and hateful comments.

Leng Yein, who is the more sharp-tongued and candid sister of the two, confessed, "I just pretend that I don't feel anything but ya, I do feel because unfortunately, I cannot 'plastic surgery' my heart or my feelings.

"People mistake us for being bitches. We are not. We can be, but we choose not to be."

Asked what they like best about themselves, Asia's sexiest Hype Girl Leng Sean had no problem with confidently answering, "My attitude."

Her older sister, however, wistfully replied, "I don't like myself at all. I wish I was someone else", adding that the "mystery and misery" of her life is what has fans so fascinated.

Likewise, while Leng Sean named pole-dancing and baking as her offstage talents, Leng Yein simply responded, "I just want to pretend that I am a dumb blonde and live like a dumb blonde, so that people have sooo low expectations of me.

"I think that's the best way to live my life, because the more you say, 'Oh I'm so talented, actually I'm the real deal, and all that, the more people will slam you."

Dumb blonde? Far from it, actually.

Find out more juicy details about The Leng Sisters, such as their ideal type of men (sorry guys, both of them are currently attached) and their regrets in life, by watching the video interview below.