'Metal shard lodged in her throat': Woman nearly killed by debris from passing crane at AMK worksite

Submitted by Stomper Noris

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It could have been a fatal injury.

A woman was nearly killed after she was struck in the neck by flying debris from a passing crane at a construction site in Ang Mo Kio.

She is the mother-in-law of Stomper Noris, who wants to find the passers-by who stopped to help.

"I am seeking assistance in locating and reaching out to four compassionate individuals who provided assistance to my mother-in-law on the evening of Sept 29 around 5:30pm at Block 646, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6," said the Stomper.

"On that day, my mother-in-law was walking along a walkway with construction hoarding on both sides. She noticed that both sides of the hoarding were open and as she approached a bus stop, she was halted by a construction site worker who informed her to stop due to a crane about to move across the walkway from her right side.

"While the crane was crossing, she was struck by flying debris, causing her injury. She quickly turned and fled towards a nearby staircase where she realised she was bleeding profusely.

"Experiencing pain on the left side of her neck, she applied pressure to the wound and sat down, shocked by the ordeal. She called out to the site worker to request an ambulance, but unfortunately, he did not respond and returned to the construction site.

"Shortly after, she spotted a couple walking towards the bus stop in her direction. She called out to them to stop as she was bleeding heavily. Concerned for her safety, they immediately rushed to her side and upon learning of her situation, called for an ambulance.

"My mother-in-law also noticed a Grab rider passing by and asked him for assistance to reach her residential unit, which was located just above the incident site.

"Another lady came forward and identified herself as a nurse. She offered her expertise and applied pressure on my mother-in-law's neck to control the bleeding until the paramedics arrived.

"Upon examination, surgeons discovered a metal shard lodged in her throat. Remarkably, it was very close to a major vein. The surgeon mentioned that it could have been fatal.

"Our family is deeply grateful to these four Good Samaritans who provided invaluable assistance."

If you are one of the four people the Stomper is looking for or have any information about them, kindly contact Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.