Durian splits open after falling on woman's head at Pulau Ubin

A woman got into a prickly situation after a durian fell on her head at Pulau Ubin.

Facebook user RuBy Quijano shared photos in the Singapore Hikers group on Sunday (May 7) and recounted how the durian had fallen from a tree and onto her friend's head during their walk.

She wrote: "Until now I'm still shocked she fell into my shoulder after the durian hit her head."

Quijano also said that it was lucky that her friend was wearing a hat when the incident occurred.

Photos show how the durian had left marks on the woman's hat. Staff from the National Parks Board (NParks) can be seen tending to her injury.

Quijano said she shared the incident in hopes that fellow hikers will be more careful "because we (were) just having a relaxing walk and (the) accident happened."

Netizens expressed their well-wishes in the comments, with some speculating that the durian might have fallen because of monkeys in the trees, which Quijano said was "possible".

In response to comments, Quijano also revealed that the durian was unripe and had split open after hitting her friend.

She told one user: "Now I know that head is harder than the durian."

One netizen also quipped: "You don't pick the durians, the durians pick you."

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