Men fight at Newton Food Centre: 'You want to break my face? Here's my face'

Submitted by Stomper Mantou

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Two men got into a scuffle at Newton Food Centre on Sunday evening (Apr 16) and one of them is currently assisting with police investigations.

Stomper Mantou witnessed the fight at around 7.30pm and shared videos with Stomp.

In one video, a man in a light blue shirt can be seen shouting aggressively at another man in a dark blue shirt: "That f***ing guy assaulted me. What's your f***ing problem, you a******?"

Some women are seen trying to calm the man down while the man he is shouting at remains seated at his table.

The man in the light blue shirt then continues yelling: "He assaulted me. He assaulted me. Who do you think you are, you son of a b****? You f***ing a******."

A second video shows both men in a physical altercation.

The man in the light blue shirt can then be heard shouting what sounds like: "You want to break my face? Here, here, here! Here's my face. Here's my face! Here's my face. He assaulted me already. What's your f***ing problem?"

Fellow diners can be seen watching with a mix of reactions, ranging from open-mouthed shock to amusement, noted the Stomper.

Mantou added: "I'm not sure if anyone was injured but apparently the one in a light blue tee alleged that the one in a dark blue tee had assaulted him first (for reasons unknown). The auntie stopped me from filming at the end.

"I think police came, but after the fact and when these rowdy people had left."

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to the fight at around 7.30pm.

No injuries were reported and a 51-year-old man is assisting with investigations.

Police investigations are ongoing.