Many run like they're fleeing Korean zombies when fire alarm rings at NUH Medical Centre, says Stomper

Submitted by Stomper Wil

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It was a false alarm, but at the time, who knew?

When the fire alarm went off at the National University Hospital (NUH) Medical Centre, people just ran, according to Stomper Wil.

He shared a video of two guys coming down the escalator as the fire curtain slowly came down around them. So they quickly ducked under the lowering curtain to avoid getting trapped behind it.

"The fire alarm rang and the fire curtain came down," recounted the Stomper.

"Many frantically ran as if it was a Train To Busan escape."

Train To Busan is a 2016 South Korean movie about people trying to survive a zombie outbreak.

The Stomper said: "There were some who ordered food for takeaway. They didn’t wait for their food and ran off because of this."

In response to a Stomp query, an NUH spokesperson said: "On Sept 12 at 6.20pm, a fire alarm was triggered at NUH Medical Centre, but it was a false alarm. There was no fire and the alarm was triggered by a smoke detector in one of the rooms of the building where a scheduled maintenance was happening.

"Our fire system was promptly assessed and found to be in good order. No one was injured in this incident.

"We would like to emphasise that the health and safety of our patients, staff and visitors remain our top priority.

"We seek the public’s understanding for any inconvenience caused by the false fire alarm."

There were no reports of Korean zombies.

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