Man's Toast Box delivery order arrives with holes in cups and coffee in plastic bag

Submitted by Stomper Ong

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A man was disappointed when more than half of his coffee spilt into a plastic bag.

Stomper Ong shared he had ordered the delivery of coffee from Toast Box at Rivervale Mall on Feb 11.

"The coffee arrived with more than half of the coffee in the bag," he said.

"The poor rider was very apologetic and didn't know why it spilt so badly and wanted to compensate me.

"I told her never mind."

Afterwards, Ong discovered holes in the bottom of both cups and presumed this was the reason the coffee 'flowed like a running tap'.

In response to a Stomp query, a Toast Box spokesperson said upon checking, they did not receive any feedback regarding this delivery order.

"We also have not received feedback from customers on holes in our takeaway cups," the spokesperson said.

"All delivery orders are checked in-store when the items are packed for delivery.

"We are unable to track or determine the condition of the food package once it is picked up by the delivery rider."