Man who attacked Malaysian actor Kamal Adli with baton had delusions celeb had molested his relative

Shaffiq Alkhatib
The Straits Times
January 31, 2024

A 34-year-old man who attacked a Malaysian celebrity with an extendable baton during a fan meeting at the Singapore Expo pleaded guilty to assault.

Muhammad Nabil Rashid, a Singaporean, admitted he committed the offence due to delusions that the victim – Mr Ahmad Kamal Ahmad Adli, 36, better known as Kamal Adli – had molested Nabil’s female relative.

Nabil, who pleaded guilty on Jan 31 to one count of assault and two counts of using criminal force on another person, was remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) following the attack.

A psychiatrist who examined him felt he suffered from a psychiatric illness – likely delusional disorder. Dr Cheow Enquan felt he also had antisocial personality disorder.

Despite these, the doctor stated that Nabil was not of unsound mind during the attack and was aware that his actions were wrong.

This was not his first brush with the law.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Cheah Wenjie told the court that Nabil has earlier convictions over violent offences, including voluntarily causing grievous hurt and criminal intimidation.

For the current case, the DPP said that on March 12, 2023, Mr Ahmad – known for his roles in Malay-language horror film Niyang Rapik and action comedy movie Abang Long Fadil, and several television shows – took part in a celebrity meet-and-greet session at a bazaar event at the Singapore Expo.

His attendance was advertised on social media, and he had also posted on Instagram about it.

Nabil, who believed the actor had molested his relative, decided to go to the event and attack the actor after he saw the advertisements. Court documents did not state what spurred him to feel that way.

Nabil armed himself with an extendable baton and donned a cap and a face mask before travelling to the Singapore Expo. He arrived there shortly before 9.20pm and called out to Mr Ahmad when he saw him.

The DPP said: “(The actor) thought the accused wanted to take a photo together with him, and approached the accused.

“The accused then took out the extendable baton from his pocket, extended it to its full length, and hit (him) once on the top of his head, once on the left side of his face, and once on his arm.”

After that, Nabil pulled down his face mask and smiled at Mr Ahmad before walking away.

Members of the public and the actor’s family members chased Nabil and pinned him down.

The police arrested Nabil soon after. Both men were then taken to Changi General Hospital (CGH).

Mr Ahmad suffered facial wounds, one of which needed four stitches. At around 11pm at CGH, while in a wheelchair, he crossed paths with Nabil, who spat at him.

Dr Cheow stated in his report that the attacker did not know Mr Ahmad personally.

DPP Cheah said the doctor believed the accused had a complete lack of insight into his illness and refused to take any medication, despite multiple attempts to persuade him to do so.

Medication was given to him despite his refusal as he “demonstrated he was a danger” to Mr Ahmad.

In an unrelated case on April 2, 2022, Nabil spat at a 39-year-old woman’s face, following an argument in Sembawang.

She alerted her 55-year-old husband, who called the police. Nabil then spat at the older man and placed him in an armlock.

On Jan 31, the DPP asked the court to sentence the offender to up to three years and two weeks’ jail.

He added that Dr Cheow was of the opinion that the accused “posed a substantial risk to others in view of his psychotic illness, personality disorder and history of violent offences”.

Defence lawyer Wee Hong Shern pleaded for his client to be given up to two years’ jail. He told the court that Nabil is now taking his medication and has the potential to be rehabilitated.

Nabil is expected to be sentenced on Feb 28.

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