Man spooked to see something 'staring' at him in void deck at night, it turns out to be a dog statue

Submitted by Stomper Raven

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It looked so real.

A man thought something was "staring" at him in a Bukit Panjang void deck on March 30 at around 10.15pm.

Stomper Raven said the street light was flickering at Pending Road when he had the "spooky" encounter.

"I saw something staring at me," said the Stomper. "It was a dog."

Actually, it was a statue of a rottweiler that was discarded beside a dumpster in the void deck.

"At a distance, it looked so real, even when you went near it too," said the Stomper. "Actually, it took courage to get close to it."

"Please be considerate. At least cover it with a red cloth or dispose of it in the bin centre. Keep it away from public view so as not to scare anyone. They can get a heart attack, especially the elderly, or young children go screaming for help!"

The Stomper said he did some chanting before he moved the statue to the bin centre.

"Later on, the lamp post light stopped flickering and went back to normal by itself," added the Stomper.