Friday the 13th mask in van's rear window gives motorist a fright along Thomson Road

Submitted by Stomper Cy

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Following an online debate on whether ghost stickers on car windscreens should be considered funny or dangerous, Stomper Cy saw a Friday the 13th mask at the back of a van that gave him a fright.

He was driving along Thomson Road on July 23 when he spotted the mask that looks like the one donned by character Jason Voorhees in the iconic horror film.

"I spotted this commercial vehicle with a disturbing mask at the rear windscreen of the vehicle," said Cy.

"It would be quite scary if you saw it at night. 

"Hopefully this will raise public awareness to not put this kind of disturbing materials in one's car.

"An accident could happen if any individual is distracted."

Earlier, celebrity blogger Xiaxue ranted on Instagram Stories after her mother encountered a BMW driver who had put ghost stickers on the back of his car.

Slamming such graphics as "dangerous", she said that ghost stickers should be banned.

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