Man slaps boy 'many times', pinches his ear and smacks his chest while scolding him at Safra CCK

Submitted by Stomper Hazy

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A man was caught on camera behaving aggressively towards a young boy at Safra Choa Chu Kang.

Stomper Hazy and her two kids witnessed the incident on Feb 24, at around 1pm.

Hazy recounted: "I was with my kids and it was my kids who told me that a man had hit a boy many times on the cheek so loudly that we could hear it even from afar.

"The kid was slapped in the face many times until it was swollen and red. They were very tight slaps. He was also pushed in the chest and pinched on the ear.

"I only started taking a video after some time and captured just a few minutes, including one slap, before the man noticed me."

A two-minute video taken by Hazy shows the man reprimanding and being physical with the boy.

The man, who is seated, can be seen using his palm to hit the boy, who is standing, in the chest multiple times. The man also uses his finger to repeatedly prod the boy's chest.

The man is later seen pulling the boy towards him by his ear and speaking into it. He then makes a thumbs-up gesture before holding up a fist, which the boy bumps fists with.

The man can subsequently be seen tapping the boy on his right cheek a few times, then slapping his left cheek.

The child remains standing in the same spot throughout, only walking off after the man appears to dismiss him.

It is unclear how the pair are related.

Hazy told Stomp: "I was very shocked by the abuse.

"I informed Safra reception and security to step in and asked them to call the police. I am not sure if they reported it but they should have all the surveillance footage that they can show to the police.

"It was heartbreaking to see the boy being abused in public. I do not know if the man is the father, a family friend, a relative or a random stranger, but I hope the child's mother or family is aware of what happened and can bring him to see a doctor for any injury to his face."

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