Man shocked to discover he has been charged $11.90 every month since using SG Bike once last June

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He wanted to save money.

A man was shocked to discover that he had been charged $11.90 every month by bike-sharing company SG Bike since using its app to rent a bike once last June.

Stomper Yeow said he used a promo code to save cost.

"Unaware of the embedded subscription, I used the app and uninstalled it from my phone after returning the bike," recounted the Stomper.

Nine months later, he made an unpleasant discovery.

"In March, I was shocked to see that there has been a monthly charge since June 2023," said the Stomper, who shared a screenshot of the charges totalling $107.10.

"I have written several emails to the SG Bike support team who took very long to reply. The latest resolution they gave me was to refund me the latest $11.90 charge to the SG Bike wallet.

"I am worried as SG Bike is ending operation at the end of this month."

On March 21, SG Bike announced that would not be renewing its licence when it expires on April 30 due to "a strategic shift in business direction".

Its users can convert their existing wallet balance to the Anywheel platform.

[Joint Media Statement] SG Bike would like to thank our users, Land Transport Authority, partners, and colleagues for...

Posted by SG Bike on Wednesday 20 March 2024

After entering the market in August 2017, SG Bike accumulated losses of $7.4 million in the financial year ended June 30, 2022, and had reported accumulated losses of $5.5 million the year before that, according to The Straits Times.

In July 2022, Stomp reported that a woman discovered a total of $105.30 had been deducted from her account by SG Bike over 27 weeks for a weekly Bike Pass she claimed she never bought and never used.

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