Man unable to use shared bike outside Hillion Mall after youths allegedly use personal lock on it

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

A man was unable to use a shared bike after a long day at work after a group of girls allegedly used a personal lock on a pair of them.

A Stomper told Stomp that he was at Hillion Mall on Saturday (June 3) at about 12.22am and trying to get a quick ride back home as the buses were running late.

"I unlocked the Anywheel bike and then realised that it was chained up," he said.

"I couldn't understand the intentions behind this, it could be the fact that the culprit wanted to keep it for their own use.

"Since I couldn't get a bike, I decided to wait for the bus again.

"It was then I saw three girls coming out of Hillion Mall and taking out the lock.

"They just left without taking the bike."

The Stomper added that he was charged $1 as Anywheel charges $1 for 30 minutes of bike use.

"I locked it immediately after realising it was chained," he said.

"I am really frustrated and disgusted by their actions as teenage girls.

"I can't believe that our younger generation has rotted this bad in terms of their character and sense of moral responsibility.

"I hope their parents see this post and take on the responsibility as rightful legal guardians and educate their children all from the start again.

"I believe in the power of media and thus I seek your help in bringing this issue up, not to shame the kids but to raise awareness among the public that it is very wrong to do this and it is important that parents teach their children the right ways."

In 2020, local shared bicycle operator Anywheel announced that they had hired enforcers to catch offenders 'stealing, personal locking and tampering' with their bikes.

This came after several such incidents came to light.

They advised the public to call the police to report such matters so that their bikes 'can continue to serve the community'.

The operator added that they will not tolerate such acts and will give 'no more warning and show no more mercy'.


Posted by Anywheel on Saturday, December 5, 2020