Man scolds boy so loudly he can be heard in building on other side of Whampoa River: 'Heart-wrenching'

Submitted by Stomper Joy

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Is he the father?

A man was caught on video scolding a boy so loudly that he could be heard by someone in an office building from across the Whampoa River.

Stomper Joy shared a video of the incident at Bendemeer Road on Dec 11.

"It's so hard and heart-wrenching watching this," she wrote in the subtitles.

"This dude, dad or whoever has been yelling at his son from the daycare (under my building) all the way to the other side of the river.

"I can hear him from my office and I keep hearing this loud yelling. Today, I finally checked to see what's going on. No matter what the kid did, he doesn't deserve to be treated like that."

She added that the man was so loud that people around him stopped to see what was going on but did not intervene.

The boy in orange can be seen wearing a backpack and riding a kick scooter behind the man wearing a white shirt and dark pants.

"The kid is so strong and just takes it with no noise, but one day, he's gonna break. He continues to yell at him every five steps," said the Stomper.

In the second part of the video, the two had gone farther along the side of the river as the man continued to scold the boy.

The Stomper wrote: "Still going. I'm really scared to know what happens at home if this is how he exhibits himself outside. Really don't condone this kind of abuse and trauma."

She asked: "Does anyone have any idea on how to approach things like this?"