Man pins woman down and tussles with her in the rain along Geylang Road

Submitted by Stomper Airah

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Stomper Airah was travelling in a taxi along Geylang Road when she saw a man and a woman struggling against each other on the road in the rain at about 1.24am on Sunday (Dec 16).

She was alarmed that the man had the woman in an apparent lock hold to prevent her from moving.

In a video Airah shared, the man can be seen gripping the woman by her hair as well.

(Story continues after video)

The woman is heard crying and clinging to the man's shirt as he releases her to stand up.

It is unclear what sparked the dispute.

"I hope someone stands up for this woman," she said.

"Even if she was in the wrong, the man should not treat her this way.

"Two wrongs don't make a right."

Airah added that she wanted to share this incident so that some action can be taken.

"Please do something about it as I failed to do something earlier," she said.