Man orders $492 catered meals for elderly parents with Covid-19, but food is far from expectations

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A Stomper decided to order food from a local catering company for his elderly parents who were infected with Covid-19 and needed to undergo self-isolation.

Despite forking out $492 to get meals delivered over 10 days, the family was sorely disappointed by the quality of the food.

The Stomper said he ordered from Happy MamaPapa Catering after searching online.

"They claimed to use less salt, no MSG and offered healthy home-cooked meals, especially for the elderly," he said.

"The fees of this delivery service cost a hefty sum of $492 for 10 days of lunch and dinner.

"When the food arrived, both of my parents complained the meat was hard and not fresh. It was also oily.

"The vegetables were extremely salty and the soup tasted weird.

"I knew that pictures from the site may differ but I did not expect the food to not only look different from photos on the site but taste extremely awful too.

"It was a total scam.

"I called numerous times and talked to the management but unfortunately, this unethical company refused to give me a refund and said under the terms and conditions, the meals are non-refundable.

"When I started to write an honest Google review, I was so shocked to find out that actually there were more than 50 other people who had written bad reviews about them and shared the same experience as me.

"I sincerely hope that Stomp can share my story with your loyal readers so that other people will not be scammed by them again."