Man needing ride to SGH pays the price after MIA driver goes further and further away

Submitted by Stomper Ah Sheng

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A man had to pay a cancellation fee while his family member ended up late for a hospital appointment, no thanks to a Ryde driver who failed to show up.

Stomper Ah Sheng said he booked a Ryde trip to Singapore General Hospital on Wednesday (Apr 12), at around 8.35am.

However, the driver went increasingly further from the pick-up point until the Stomper realised it was likely deliberate.

Ah Sheng told Stomp: "After the driver accepted my booking, he was shown as being at Bukit Batok East Avenue 3.

"Three minutes later, I checked his location and saw that he had ended up at Upper Bukit Timah Road.

"About five minutes later, I checked again and he was opposite SIM Global Education and had no intention of moving.

"I bet he did that on purpose. I'm pretty sure he would give lots of excuses.

"I messaged him and he read my texts, but could not be bothered to reply.

"One of my family members was already late for an appointment, all thanks to this guy. It was a very important appointment and about life and death."

Thankfully, Ah Sheng managed to book another ride for his family member, who went on their way for the appointment.

The Stomper added: "I only got one screenshot as I thought the driver would come and pick up, but alas. I believe he has done this before.

"I had to cancel the trip and pay a $5.30 cancellation fee. It's a small issue, no worries, but of course I will report this type of drivers."