Man multitasks like a pro with 4 handphones across his arm at Tampines Mall

Submitted by Stomper Jeff

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Stomper Jeff was amused by a man he saw displaying next-level multitasking abilities outside Tampines Mall on Wednesday morning (Sep 12).

Jeff was waiting for his company bus at about 7.30 am when he saw a man balancing not one, not two but four mobile devices on his forearm.

He shared a video of what he saw with Stomp.

"I saw this man busy typing and working while standing beside the McDonald outlet at Tampines Mall," Jeff told Stomp.

"When I boarded the bus at about 7.45am, he was still there on his phones.

"Seeing him go from left to right and back again was really impressive!"

What Jeff saw is similar to when a photo of a Pokemon trainer went viral during the height of Pokemon Go mania.

The man was seen playing the game on four different devices at Hougang Avenue 10.

Just as impressive was when an economical rice stall employee at Holland Village was seen balancing four different meal orders along the length of his arm.

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