Man leaves wallet with over $2,000 cash at ATM -- and is surprised when kind soul visits his home to return it

Submitted by Stomper Ryan

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Stomper Ryan wants to thank a man named Jony for his kindness and honesty for returning his close friend's lost wallet.

His friend, Bill had unknowingly left his wallet on an ATM machine at North Link Building on Dec 9.

When he came back home, he realised his wallet was gone but could not recall where he left it.

When Bill was having lunch with Ryan the next day, he received a call from his son telling him that a man had come by the house to return the wallet.

He went home immediately and thanked Jony for going the extra mile in returning it to him.

"There was quite a lot of money inside, over $2,000 but he did not touch a single cent!" the Stomper said.

Ryan wanted to express his gratitude on behalf of his friend to Jony.

"It is nice, in this day to find someone honest and caring!

"I just want people to know that such kind people exist in this world."