Man leaves vulgar note for driver who parked properly at Tampines Mall

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A driver was shocked to find a vulgar note left on his car, berating him over his parking.

Stomper Life said he was baffled by the vitriol as he had parked properly.

The incident occurred in the basement carpark of Tampines Mall on Tuesday afternoon (Oct 12), at around 12pm.

Stomper Life, who shared a video showing a man leaving the note on his car, said: "I believe this uneducated uncle has nothing better to do, leaving a note with those words."

In the note which contained vulgarities, the man scolded Stomper Life for being a "kayu driver" and asked if he knew how to park his car.

Life told Stomp: "I didn't park wrongly, I didn't park out of my lot, and I did not park in a handicapped lot or the loading bay.

"I parked near the green and blue sections of the carpark, in a horizontal lot along the wall.

"I was shocked by the note. Is there something wrong with this uncle?"

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