Cyclist finds angry note accusing him of 'parking illegally' at public bicycle parking area

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A Stomper found an angry note left on his bicycle that he had parked in a public lot.

The Stomper said that he saw an empty lot at the common bicycle parking area last week and decided to park his bicycle there.

However, when he returned, he found paper pasted onto his bicycle.

"The person claims that he lodged a police report against me because I parked at his lot because he had left his chain and lock behind even though his bicycle was not there physically," said the Stomper.

"The bicycle chain and lock are so small that I did not even notice them when I placed my bicycle there.

"Furthermore, I didn't know that one can 'chope' a common bicycle lot like this.

"Can I file a police report on him for pasting his paper onto my bicycle and vandalising it and scaring me?"

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