82-year-old woman caught on CCTV stealing potted plants: 'Don't tell me old I should close one eye'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

An elderly woman was caught on CCTV stealing potted plants in Kallang early Monday morning (July 10).

A Stomper saw the black-and-white video taken at 5.04am posted by Instagram user Jeremy.

The video shows the woman walking towards a rack with an empty plastic bag. She then bent down and appeared to be taking something from the ground in front of the rack.

After a few seconds, she straightened up and walked back the way she came with the plastic bag no longer empty.

The video was subtitled: "Old auntie, first time you take, I take it as charity. Now you one shot take so many pots. I must give you a good look.

"Don't tell me old I should close one eye. Old doesn't mean you can steal. I hate it when people steal. You no money, I okay to give you one, but if you steal, I will give you hell."

Jeremy managed to find out where the woman lives and shared videos of police officers at her HDB block.

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to a case of dishonest misappropriation of property at Block 65 Kallang Bahru on July 10 at 2.46pm.

The 82-year-old woman is assisting with investigations, which are ongoing.