Man goes on date with woman he met on Tantan app who orders 3 bottles of wine, costing him $870

The New Paper
April 1, 2024

A 49-year-old engineer went on a date with a woman her met on Tantan.

Tantan touts itself to be "the dating app that ensures every connection is a genuine one".

The woman, who was in her 30s, was a beautiful, single mother of two, according to Mr Qiu. 

He told Shin Min Daily News that he decided to meet the woman, who went by the username Nono on Tantan, after chatting for a few hours.

"She sent me her phone number and address," said Mr Qiu, who went to Northshore Drive at 7.30pm to meet her.

"She said she would take me to a place to have a drink or two. I thought it would be a coffee shop, but after walking for about five minutes, we arrived at an Izakaya outlet in Punggol."

She ordered a bottle of Medinet Grenache, which cost Mr Qiu almost $300.

He thought she would sip the red wine while they chatted, but the woman downed everything in 10 minutes.

The same happened with the second bottle, after which she told Mr Qiu that her "sister" was going to join them.

The women ordered a third bottle and finished it just as quickly.

Mr Qiu put a stop to it as they were about to order a fourth bottle. He lied to them that his credit card was about to be maxed out.

The total damage for that short encounter came up to $870.

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