Woman shares 'worst date' with guy from Singapore in Japan, Singaporean netizens apologise for him

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October 19, 2023

It seems the reputation of Singaporean men has taken yet another hit. 

This time, the thumbs down comes from a woman based in Japan, who posted a TikTok video on Tuesday (Oct 17) sharing her rather disastrous blind date with the person.

In her clip, while speaking in a North American accent, Tiffanytchen labelled the encounter – arranged through a dating app – a “total waste of time”, but admitted it was her fault for agreeing to meet up with the man in the first place, after noticing a red flag from the start.

After she turned down his initial invitation to dinner, because she already had plans, the man apparently tried to invite himself to be part of her dinner plans. 

"I have never ever had someone ask that. That's just peculiar. Why would you want to join a dinner with someone else, you freak?" she said. 

Nonetheless, in the end, the two agreed to meet for after-dinner drinks instead. 

When she first saw him, she noticed that his face was quite different from how he looked in his profile picture, and Tiffany felt then and there that he wasn’t her “type”. 

Things nosedived from there. 

According to her, the conversation during the date was just "abysmal". So much so that Tiffany resorted to trolling, asking him when he last shed a tear.

When that question was volleyed back at her, Tiffany wryly replied that she cried the night before.

"Is it because I didn't respond to your message?" her Singaporean date replied.

Cue the cringe.

@tiffanytchen He was from Singapore #dating #hinge #tokyo ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono - moshimo sound design

Then came the bill, and Tiffany said she was more than willing to split the expense, adding that she had a “sense” he wanted to go Dutch as well. 

When the place they were at declined to split the bill – "in Japan, some establishments don't let you pay with separate cards," Tiffany explained – he settled the tab. 

He then suggested she pay for the next bill. 

Somehow, the duo found themselves continuing their date at another bar, where they simply sat side by side in pure silence.

Tiffany then went on to say it was her "worst ever date". 

Many Singaporean netizens in the comments section felt compelled to apologise on behalf of their compatriot.

"I'm from Singapore and I am so sorry," one user commented.

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