Man glued to phone misses bus, gets angry and uses his body to block oncoming bus at Clementi stop

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Man stood in front of a bus to make sure it stops after missing the previous bus because he was looking at his phone.

YouTube user M R Lee uploaded a video of the incident, which he said happened on Friday (March 17) at around 2.20pm.

He wrote in the video description: "At the Clementi AYE (Ayer Rajah Expressway) bus stop, I witnessed a psycho with a death wish.

"Guy waiting for bus, as usual, eyes glued onto the phone. Bus arrived, nobody flagged, so the driver just drove past without stopping.

"Guy realised too late. By then, the bus already passed the bus stop. Got angry, went to stand at the edge of AYE.

"When the next bus arrived, psycho used his body to block the bus.

"Driver jammed brake and honked several times before the psycho moved to the side. The bus managed to stop, a bit away from the curb in order not to knock him down. Pity the driver has to put up with this psycho's antics."

In the six-second video, a man wearing a hat and a backpack can be seen standing in the bus bay with his arms crossed and stepping back as bus service 197 drove into the bus bay.