Man finds cockroach in beancurd after slicing into it: FairPrice looking into matter

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A man was disgusted when he found an unwanted extra source of protein in beancurd he had bought.

A Stomper told Stomp he had bought a pack of Sheen beancurd for $2 from a FairPrice supermarket in Bishan on Aug 28.

He cut it on the same day, and to his horror, found a cockroach in it.

"It was definitely a shock because that tofu is something I eat on a regular basis," he said.

"And I have only been buying that brand for some time now.

"Luckily, I found it when I sliced it and not after cooking it.

"The cockroach was from the factory that prepared it and not from that particular supermarket outlet.

"If there is one cockroach in the factory preparing the tofu, chances are there are more."

The Stomper said he reported the matter to FairPrice and to the Singapore Food Agencey (SFA).

"FairPrice offered to refund if I went back to the outlet but I have yet to go back," he said.

In response to a Stomp query, a FairPrice Group spokesman said: "FairPrice Group is aware of this issue, and is looking into the matter.

"We take food quality and safety issues very seriously, and are dedicated to upholding high standards of food safety.

"We are in contact with the customer, and are committed to working closely with our supplier to identify the root cause of the incident and resolve the issue.

"Customers can return or exchange products that are of unsatisfactory quality at the same store of purchase, with the receipt."

An SFA spokesman told Stomp: "SFA had inspected the food establishment and did not detect any pest infestation or food safety lapses.

"Nonetheless, the food operator was reminded to ensure their premises is clean and well-maintained and that their food handlers adhere to good personal hygiene and food handling practices.

"Food safety is a joint responsibility.

"While SFA puts in place and enforces the regulatory measures, food operators must play their part by adhering to good food hygiene and preparation practices.

"Members of the public who come across any potentially errant food operator should report to SFA via the online feedback form.

"As part of the enquiry and gathering of evidence, SFA may engage the feedback provider for more details and will not hesitate to take enforcement action if sufficient evidence has been obtained."