Man arrested after getting caught recording people showering at MacRitchie Reservoir toilet

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October 26, 2023

Noticing someone recording him while he was in a public toilet, a man enlisted the help of park-goers to confront the perpetrator, which eventually led to the latter’s arrest. 

Speaking to MS News, the alleged victim, Amyn, said the incident occurred at 11am on Oct 21, at a toilet at MacRitchie Reservoir.

He said that after completing his run, he saw a young man seated on a bench at the shower area, fully dressed.

Amyn then placed his belongings on the bench and proceeded to shower in one of the cubicles. 

“It became apparent that he had discreetly positioned his camera phone and aimed it towards the open shower area,” Amyn said.

Amyn said he discreetly captured photographic evidence of the man’s actions. He then went to seek assistance from fellow park-goers in the area.

Together, they confronted the perpetrator, who initially denied his actions. 

“Through persistent questioning, one of the individuals accompanying me successfully pressured him into admitting his misconduct,” said Amyn, who eventually contacted the police

When the police arrived, they examined the man’s phone, and according to Amyn, found incriminating videos on the device. 

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