Man and two teens arrested after fight with karambit knife and microphone at Coleman St club

A 25-year-old man and two 16-year-old teenagers were arrested after a fight involving weapons at a club along Coleman Street.

The police said they were alerted to the incident on Sept 24 at 3.17pm.

Upon police's arrival, officers spotted two injured men at the location and both men were taken conscious to the hospital.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the two men, aged 29 and 43, were allegedly attacked by another group of men following a dispute.

One of the assailants had purportedly used a karambit knife to attack the victim while another man allegedly used a microphone to hit the other victim.

A karambit knife and a microphone were recovered and seized as case exhibits.

Officers established the identities of three people involved in the fight and arrested them within 12 hours of the incident.

A 25-year-old man and a 16-year-old teenager will be charged in court on Tuesday (Sept 26) with rioting armed with a deadly weapon.

Another 16-year-old teen is assisting police with investigations.

The offence carries a jail term of up to 10 years and caning.

Police investigations are ongoing to trace the remaining assailants.

The police said they will spare no effort to apprehend those who commit violence and will take firm action against them in accordance with the law.