Man alarmed by worker with no safety harness on 38th-floor balcony in Toa Payoh, calls cops

Submitted by Stomper Sinna

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He thought it was extremely dangerous.

A man called the police after spotting a worker on a ladder not wearing a safety harness on a balcony many floors high at Block 138C, Lorong 1A Toa Payoh.

Stomper Sinna said it happened on Nov 11 in the afternoon.

At one point in a video shared by the Stomper, the worker wearing an orange T-shirt can be seen placing one foot next to the balcony railing.

"The employee was carrying out zip track installation on a room balcony on the 38th floor," said the Stomper.

"He was standing on a ladder and stepping out with his foot near the railing, which was very unsightly and alarming!

"From the opposite block, I shouted and alerted him to get down and wear a safety harness. He didn't want to listen. One wrong step would kill him.

"So I took videos and then alerted the police."

In another video the Stomper shared, a group of about four policemen can be seen speaking to someone wearing a blue shirt in the corridor outside the flat.

In the third video, the worker in the blue shirt and the first worker in orange appeared to be wearing safety harnesses on the balcony.

"We need to create awareness for all company owners to ensure employees wear the safety equipment at all times," said the Stomper.

Stomp has contacted the police for more info and understands that no further will be taken.

The Ministry of Manpower has a platform called SnapSAFE that allows members of the public to report unsafe workplace practices.

 You can use SnapSAFE if:

  • You see worker/s working unsafely.
  • You spot a hazardous worksite or equipment.
  • You were asked to work in an unsafe manner or environment without any protections.