Woman requires 8 stitches after getting robbed in JB by 'policemen' who demanded IC

A Malaysian woman suffered serious injuries, requiring eight stitches after getting robbed by several men claiming to be from the police. 

The harrowing incident happened in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on Jun 22, at around 3am, reports World of Buzz

During the time of incident, the victim was reportedly drawing cash from an Hong Leong Bank branch, after discovering that the ATMs at a Maybank branch nearby were not functioning.

She then proceeded back to the Maybank branch to bank in the cash which she had withdrawn.

On the way back, she was approached by several men in a white car.

According to the victim, the men had their headlights on so she could not see clearly.

She could barely make out three men in total. 

The men also had flashing lights installed on their vehicle, which looked remarkably similar to a police patrol vehicle. 

Two of the three then alighted their vehicle and asked the victim for her Identification Card (IC).

The victim suspected that something was amiss and called her brother for help as the two did not produce any sort of identification documents.

One of the men then instructed her to get on their vehicle, to which the woman refused. 

Angered, the two suspects reportedly shoved and kicked her until she fell into a drain nearby, before snatching her phone and purse, escaping in the ‘patrol car’. 

The victim sustained serious injuries along the way and required seven to eight stitches. 

She has since lodged a police report and the case is under investigation.