Malaysian netizens trash driver of Singapore-registered car who threw rubbish onto road in Johor

Submitted by Stomper Nor M

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It is important to show respect when visiting another country, but the driver of a Singapore-registered car drew the ire of Malaysians after he was spotted tossing rubbish out of his vehicle in Johor.

A video of the incident was posted on Malaysian news site mStar's Instagram page on Thursday (July 27) and has since garnered over 182,000 views.

The caption says in Malay: "The road is nice and clean and he can still throw a piece of rubbish."

Malaysian netizens took to the comments to trash the driver for his rude and inconsiderate behaviour.

Several of them said he did it because he cannot litter in Singapore.

Others called for the driver to be fined and even banned from driving in Malaysia.

Some Singaporeans also commented on the post saying they were embarrassed by the driver's actions.