Malaysian man uses photo of himself hospitalised for Tinder profile, rubs off netizens the wrong way

A Malaysian man’s Tinder profile became the talk of the town for a particularly odd reason — his bizarre choice of photo.

The 20-year-old man, Darren, had decided to upload a photo of himself, sick and unconscious on a hospital bed, with an equally cringeworthy caption that read, ‘I’m dying to meet you. When can ICU?’

The photo was shared on many Facebook pages, such as Nurseslabs.  

While it was a modest attempt, some netizens confused the photo with that of Lim Chi Ling, a young man who tragically died recently, while awaiting an organ transplant. 

As a result, some netizens were offended by Darren’s joke and criticised him, reports World of Buzz

Said a Facebook user:

"A guy seriously ill, possibly could die, and that's funny?

"Really? I look at this photo and feel compassion for the person, I think of his suffering and how worried his loved ones might be. 

"Some people find road accident victims a real hoot...until it's them."

Even after Darren explained that the person in the photo wasn’t Lim, many still called him out for being disrespectful. 

Distasteful photo choice or just overzealous naysayers? You decide.