Look at how MINI Cooper club members help fellow owner protect precious car from bird droppings

Submitted by Stomper Mee Nee

Stomper Mee Nee and some friends from the MINI Mafia, a club for MINI Cooper owners in Singapore, decided to pull a prank on a fellow car owner. 

Knowing that the victim was overseas and set to return on Thursday (July 13), Mee Nee and his merry gang decided to strike the night before.

On Wednesday night (July 12) at around 9.30pm, the gang met at Block 657, Hougang Avenue 8, where the victim's car was parked. 

They then proceeded to wrap it in newspaper and cling film. 

After that, the gang arranged to meet on Thursday night just to see the reaction of their victim.

When the owner returned, he could not believe his eyes.

Said Mee Nee:

“It took him a while before he realised that one of our friend’s MINI Cooper was parked next to his.

“He started laughing.

“That’s when we came out to surprise him.”

All's well that ends well though, the group also helped the owner remove the newspaper and cling wrap they had themselves painstakingly put up. 

Mee Nee​ added:

“We’re good friends and prank each other quite often.

“But this is the first time we’ve done something on this scale though.”

Mee Nee​ even said jokingly that the owner ought to thank them for helping to protect his precious car from bird droppings.