Maid confesses to stealing $2,800, employer gets harassed by loansharks -- then finds her on TikTok

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It started with missing money.

Then came the loanshark harassment.

"Being kind is a huge mistake," said Stomper Anonymous, whose maid confessed to stealing $2,800.

"Around six months into employing our helper, my husband and I noticed money missing from our wallets on several occasions. We didn't suspect her initially because she had been an excellent helper and behaved well in front of us. We thought it might have been our forgetfulness.

"In December last year, during a family vacation, we became certain something was wrong with our helper. My husband had exchanged $3,000 for the trip, keeping half in his wallet and giving me the other half. On the first day of our trip, we both discovered $500 missing from our wallets.

"We questioned each other's memory but suspected our helper might be involved.

"Upon returning home, my husband conducted a test by placing $200 in his wallet, which disappeared the next morning while our helper was cleaning. Shockingly, she was discreet enough to take the money without us noticing.

"We took our helper back to the agency and she confessed to stealing $2,800 since August of the previous year. She pleaded very hard for forgiveness and I decided to give her another chance.

"However, our troubles didn't end there. I began receiving harassing calls from loan sharks on my mobile, and they even sent a picture of my house door, demanding that my maid pay back the borrowed money.

"With a three-year-old child in the house, I'm deeply distressed by this situation.

"The maid agency offered no assistance, leaving me to deal with this problem alone."

The Stomper finally sent the maid home on Wednesday (Aug 23) after 1½ years of employing her.

On the same day, the employer found a TikTok video of the maid vaping.

"I am utterly disappointed after being kind to her," said the Stomper, who shared photos of the maid's signed confession letter.

"In the letter, she admitted not only stealing, but also sleeping from noon to 5pm every day, borrowing money from me and Ah Long coming to my home.

"I'm hoping to raise awareness so that other employers can be more cautious when hiring helpers and using maid agencies."