Lorry driver splashes liquid onto car after driver 'steals' his parking lot

Angry that another motorist had "stolen" his parking lot, a lorry driver splashed liquid onto the man's car.

The incident was caught on video and posted on Everyday SG's Facebook page.

In the video, the lorry driver appeared to be waiting for an empty lot at an open air carpark.

The driver with the dashboard car camera enters the lot, probably not realising that the lorry driver was waiting.

The video has no sound but the lorry driver expressed his displeasure at the situation causing the man and to talk and gesture back at him.

Later, the lorry driver pulls up in front of the other man's car and splashes liquid from a container onto the front of the vehicle before quickly driving away.

The contributor wrote that he reported the matter to the police.

He also added that the time stamp on the video is incorrect so it is unclear when or where this happened.

Watch the video below.