Woman in dispute with driver -- after trying to photograph illegally parked car and report to LTA

A driver, dissatisfied with a woman who had taken a photo of his illegally parked car, got into a fight with the latter, and the police were called down to mediate the situation.

The incident happened at a intersection between Somme Road and Petain Road in Little India last Friday (Jun 23) at around 7pm, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

The 50-year-old woman told reporters that she was about to take photos of her assailant’s car which was parked illegally on double yellow lines, when the two got into an altercation. 

The 53-year-old driver started quarrelling with her and the two subsequently got into a fight, with the woman’s shirt getting torn in the process.

The woman said that she was also injured and lodged a police report at the scene.

 It is understood that the woman had been sending photos and reporting on traffic offenders to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for many years.

She said: "A white Audi was parked on double yellow lines so I wanted to take a picture of it to submit to the LTA. 

"I walked closer with my camera but the driver started taunting me from the side of his car, and even claimed that he deliberately parked his car here to wait for me to show up.

The woman claimed that just as she was about to snap a photo of the Audi, the driver stopped her and slammed her camera to the ground.

She continued: "After that, the driver started hurling vulgarities and insults at me. He also started hitting me, pushing me on my right shoulder and kicking my left leg.

"Two passers-by came to my assistance, and I picked up the camera.

"At that time, a traffic police officer was passing by.

"The driver blatantly told us that he deliberately parked his car here and he could afford the fine."

The woman then discovered that an employee in a hair salon nearby was filming the fight and went into the shop, expressing that the driver had tore her shirt, causing her underwear to become exposed. 

The driver, on the other hand, claimed the woman had orchestrated the tearing of her own shirt. He also alleged that she had punched and slapped him.

Said the driver: "She started finding trouble on her own.

“When she came over to take a photo of my car, I stopped her.

"I slammed the camera and maybe pushed her once, but she punched and slapped me too. 

"Passers-by can testify to that!"

The police said that the incident  was being investigated as a case of assault. 

It is understood that the woman has reported at least 50 cases of illegally parked cars to the LTA in the past.