Lorry driver plays braking game and blocks motorist after getting honked at

Upset at getting honked at after squeezing into a merged lane, a lorry driver lashed out by playing the braking game.

Facebook page SG Road Vigilante posted a video of the incident that occurred along Corporation Road on Wednesday morning (Dec 15).

A motorist who encountered the lorry driver recounted: "I was exiting the slip road at Corporation Road where there are two lanes merging into one lane before joining into Jurong West Avenue 2, as there was ongoing construction at the roadside.

"I followed behind a grey minibus and let him cut in from the right as an alternate car for the merging lane. However, this driver of GBH5462B from far behind cut in closely and squeezed in.

"When I sounded my horn, he stopped the vehicle, blocking the slip road and my vehicle, gesturing through the middle windscreen to stop at the roadside for a confrontation.

"He blocked the slip road and when other road users honked too, he moved off and continued to block my way on the main road.

"I feel threatened by his violent behaviour and hope (for) necessary action to be taken against this reckless driver who doesn’t understand the Highway Code of Conduct."

Many netizens slammed the lorry driver and pointed out that he had flouted multiple road traffic rules.

One user commented: "No need to feel threatened... just send this to the Traffic Police and file a report to have a good night's sleep."