BMW driver taunts motorist and plays braking game after getting honked at

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A BMW driver showed his displeasure over getting honked at by taunting a motorist and trying to cause a collision.

Facebook page SG Road Vigilante posted a video of the incident that occurred along Jurong Pier Road on Friday (Oct 1), at around 1pm.

According to the video caption, the BMW driver was upset about getting honked at. He therefore retaliated by swerving in front of the other party and played the braking game.

The braking game refers to when a driver abruptly jams on his brakes for no legitimate reason.

In the video, the BMW driver can be seen repeatedly braking without warning and then moving off again.

Many netizens criticised the errant driver for being "childish" and called for enforcement action to be taken against him.

One user commented: "BMW driver's ego is hurt lah, so die die wanna sabo cam car lor."