Local actress Constance Song, 42, gets best birthday present ever: A baby girl

Singaporean actress Constance Song recently confirmed that she gave birth to a baby girl earlier this year in May.

The 42-year-old artiste told Shin Min Daily News in a report yesterday (Oct 14) that the child shares the same birthday as her: May 18.

"She is my best birthday present. I never thought she would be born on that day," said the Tanglin star, who has resumed filming after she stopped working for several months.

Song's daughter, whose name she declined to share, is cared for at an infantcare centre.

According to The Straits Times, Song would not talk about her other half and it is unclear if she is married.

She said: "About personal matters, I don't want to say much. I'm very thankful to the Tanglin crew who accommodate my filming times, they are great."

Song, who is signed under Li Nanxing's talent management agency LNX Global, also expressed her gratitude towards him.

"He didn't rush me to work, waited for me to get enough rest and for me to want to work before arranging things for me," she added.

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