Lazada seller gives snarky reply after refusing to send $95 CNY hamper to correct address

Submitted by Stomper Dreii

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Update on Feb 21:

A Lazada Singapore spokesperson said: "We have looked further into the case, and have since resolved the issue directly with the customer.

"Lazada would like to thank everyone for their support - the buyer and seller - in resolving this case. We strive to bring the best online shopping experience and welcome any feedback to deliver that."

Original article:

A man ordered a Chinese New Year hamper for his colleague, but it was sent to the wrong address.

Not only did the Lazada seller refuse to make things right, they also gave him snarky responses, he said.

Stomper Dreii, who paid $94.56 for the hamper from Art In Bloom Florist on Feb 6, recounted: "After ordering, I immediately instructed the seller via the in-app chat that the delivery address would be different (buying a gift for someone else, not myself). The seller acknowledged this.

"The delivery was then made to my own address due to the seller's negligence.

"I asked the seller to redeliver the hamper to the right address, but they refused and offered a 10% discount on 'the next order'."

Screenshots from Dreii show the seller telling him that their delivery team was on break for the festive season and that they had followed the address in his order form.

Dreii responded: "Sorry your carelessness is not my problem. I immediately asked to have it sent to a different address right after making payment here."

He told Stomp: "I insisted they own their mistake and do the right thing, let alone 'the next order'.

"The seller hinted that it would be okay if there's no future business from me and left a snarky 'happy CNY :)' message at the end.

"I asked for a refund but to no avail response. They have been uncontactable ever since."

The Stomper's refund request was also rejected by Lazada "as the incident is out of their protection policy," he added.

View more screenshots of the convo in the gallery.