Law firm employee gets call claiming to be from "Singapore High Court", shares audio recording

Submitted by Stomper Lynda

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Stomper Lynda received a scam call claiming to be from the "Singapore High Court" at 4.43pm on Aug 21, that was auto-recorded onto her phone. 

After answering, she heard an automated voice message in English saying "this is Singapore High Court" and that she has received a "summons" before the same dialogue is reiterated in Mandarin.

The dialogue in Mandarin, however, further elaborates that if "you don't take any action, you will be dealt with by the law".

Following the automated voice message, a man is heard saying in Mandarin: "Hello, this is the Singapore High Court, how are you?"

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He then asked "how may I help you" before Lynda asked if he could speak English.

The guy then retorts: "Can you speak Chinese?"

Lynda said: "He hung up after I repeatedly asked where he's calling from.

"I already suspected that it was a scam when I first answered because I don't think the 'High Court' would communicate in Mandarin.

"And I work in a law firm so I roughly know how things work."

According to an advisory by the Supreme Court Singapore, it said that officers would not make such calls, and requests to attend court are done via post or mail. 

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